Scientia et Arte

If science were art and art were science, then the howling black wolf has probably swallowed some N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethanamide.

Case Study 2: Phytosterolemia (aka Farewell, Vegetables!)

You should eat vegetables they are healthful. I shouldn’t eat vegetables they are harmful. We (humans) are expected to consider vegetables as a huge part of our diet because they … Continue reading

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Wilson Disease

Wilson disease is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder of copper metabolism. It is primarily characterized by excessive copper deposits in liver, kidney, and brain. It was first described by Dr. … Continue reading

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Case Study 1: Tryptophan and Blue Diaper Syndrome (with some postscripts)

Urine color could tell many things. Of course, the normal color is yellow, due to the pigment urochrome. A cause for alarm is when one’s urine changes color, from varying … Continue reading

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Reveries and Wordplay of a Biochemical Angel

I have another poem below! My friends often find me amusing, but difficult to decode, nevertheless. They said I have chronic glossolalia and that I should burn my books. They said I … Continue reading

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My Dickinsonian Poem on Protein Synthesis

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. – Edward de Bono (The poem is found below.) Sometimes, four stanzas of breath … Continue reading

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I’ll wear my “genes” forever….

I guess a pact, as depicted by the purine-pyrimidine necklace, is the first thing I should worry about before I (we) create this web site. We are Athena’s disciples, and … Continue reading

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