Scientia et Arte

If science were art and art were science, then the howling black wolf has probably swallowed some N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethanamide.

Angelo Julian Perez

Friends and classmates call me Ajep, the initials of my full name: Angelo Julian Espino Perez

Despite my leanings towards science (particularly chemistry), I have interests and frustrations in many other fields (which maybe are non-science), such as music, literature, philosophy and theology.  In a way, the challenge for me to reconcile everything remains.

Learning is and will remain to be my life’s pursuit. As the Discovery Channel commercial would say, “The world is just amazing”. Therefore, I’m also fond of trivia and general knowledge.

I found the word curiosities to be one of my favorite words. Hence, I decided to split this site into “medical” and “literary” curiosities.


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