Scientia et Arte

If science were art and art were science, then the howling black wolf has probably swallowed some N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethanamide.

I’ll wear my “genes” forever….

I guess a pact, as depicted by the purine-pyrimidine necklace, is the first thing I should worry about before I (we) create this web site. We are Athena’s disciples, and we believe in the smell of poetry and prose, the taste of bird songs, the warmth of geraniol and limonene, the color of jagged lines and metallic dislocations, and the sound of strawberries with a helping of triglyceride crowns.

This is our pact – to step away and move back, and to come back fresh with the scent of peppermint oil. Together, we shall commit and we shall reign. Chemistry rules over the land of artists…while artists paint molecules when they see the Muse.


Picture source:

[Post by Ryan Santiago]


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